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Class: PHP Simple Cache Library
Access data in different types of cache containers
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PHP Cache Manipulation Class

How to install

run in terminal/command prompt

composer require lablnet/cache

PHP Cache Manipulation Class manipulate caches in several ways.

Access data in different types of cache containers.

This package can access data in different types of cache containers. It provides different classes that implement the same operations for storing and retrieving data to be cached, like creating a cached entry, retrieving data from a cached entry, checking if a cached entry already exists, and deleting an existing cached entry. Currently it provides cache container classes using APCU, files, mcache and opcache.

This class can manipulate

- APCU Cache : APCu is APC stripped of opcode caching. The first APCu codebase was versioned 4.0.0, it was forked from the head of the APC master branch at the time. PHP 7 support is available as of APCu 5.0.0. APCu can provide a compatibility mode, such that it can provide a drop in replacement for the applicable parts of APC. - Memcache : Memcache module provides handy procedural and object oriented interface to memcached, highly effective caching daemon, which was especially designed to decrease database load in dynamic web applications. - Opcache : OPcache improves PHP performance by storing precompiled script bytecode in shared memory, thereby removing the need for PHP to load and parse scripts on each request. - Cache : Cache is improves PHP performance by storing data in json format, instead of fetching record from database by running query its more fastest to fetch record from file, Cache store data in .cache file.


- APCU Cache : indexAPCU.php - Memcache : indexMemcache.php - Opcache : indexOpcache.php - Cache : indexCache.php

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