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Class: PHP Mac Address Lookup
Look up a hardware vendor for a device Mac address
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<p>This PHP package allows you to get the information related to an <abbr title="Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers">IEEE</abbr> <abbr title="Organizationally Unique Identifier">OUI</abbr> assignment from a Laravel application.</p>

<p>The <strong>mac-vendor-lookup</strong> package downloads the OUI mapping information in <abbr title="Comma Separated Values">CSV</abbr> format from the IEEE website. Then it processes the CSV files and later stores the OUI assignment details in tables in the database.</p>


You can install the package via composer:

composer require acamposm/mac-vendor-lookup

Then publish the assets with this command:

php artisan mac:install

After publishing the assets (config & migrations), run artisan migrate:

php artisan migrate


Get MAC Address details

You can use "php artisan mac: details <mac-address>" in the console to get the vendor details as well as the OUI assignment details.

php artisan mac:details  <mac-address>

php artisan mac:details  00-15-5D-81-E0-B0

 Vendor details
 ------------- ---------------------------------------------
  OUI           00155D
  MAC Address   00-15-5D-81-E0-B0
  Vendor        Microsoft Corporation
  Address       One Microsoft Way Redmond WA US 98052-8300
  Is Private    false
 ------------- ---------------------------------------------

 Block details
 ------------------- -------------------
  Registry            MA-L
  Assignment bits     2^24
  Block Size          16,777,216
  Lower MAC Address   00:15:5D:00:00:00
  Upper MAC Address   00:15:5D:FF:FF:FF
  Last Update         Unknown
 ------------------- -------------------

 MAC Address details
 --------------------- ----------------------------------------
  MAC Address           00-15-5D-81-E0-B0
  Administration byte   UAA (Universally Administered Address)
  Group byte            Individual address
  Virtual Machine       true
  Is Multicast          false
  Is Unicast            false
  Is Valid              true
 --------------------- ----------------------------------------

Get vendor details

You can use "php artisan mac:vendor <mac-address>" in the console to get the vendor details associated with the OUI assignment.

php artisan mac:vendor <mac-address>

php artisan mac:vendor 00-15-5D-81-E0-B0

 ------------- -----------------------
  OUI           00155D
  MAC Address   00-15-5D-81-E0-B0
  Vendor        Microsoft Corporation
  Registry      MA-L
 ------------- -----------------------


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Security Vulnerabilities

If you discover any security related issues, please send an e-mail to Angel Campos via instead of using the issue tracker. All security vulnerabilities will be promptly addressed.



The package Ping is open-source package and is licensed under The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.