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File: my_log_file.txt

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File: my_log_file.txt
Role: Sample output
Content type: text/plain
Description: Example log
Send files to secure FTP server using Putty
Author: By
Last change: Changed the role.
Date: 13 years ago
Size: 2,110 bytes


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### begin log ### pwd lpwd cd lcd d:/temp/upload ls / mkdir "dir1" cd /dir1 mput "x*.txt" mkdir "/dir2" "/dir3" put "a.txt" "a.bak" put "b.txt" "b.bak" mput "c.txt" "d.txt" "e.txt" mv "x1.txt" "/dir3/x1.bak" mv "x2.txt" "/dir2" lcd d:/temp/download mget "/dir2/x2.txt" "/dir3/*.bak" "/dir1/*.*" rm /dir1/*.txt rm /dir1/* rm /dir2/* rm /dir3/* rmdir "/dir1" "/dir2" "/dir3" quit Remote working directory is / psftp> pwd Remote directory is / psftp> lpwd Current local directory is D:\temp psftp> cd Remote directory is now / psftp> lcd d:/temp/upload New local directory is d:\temp\upload psftp> ls / Listing directory / psftp> mkdir "dir1" mkdir /dir1: OK psftp> cd /dir1 Remote directory is now /dir1 psftp> mput "x*.txt" local:x1.txt => remote:/dir1/x1.txt local:x2.txt => remote:/dir1/x2.txt local:x3.txt => remote:/dir1/x3.txt psftp> mkdir "/dir2" "/dir3" mkdir /dir2: OK mkdir /dir3: OK psftp> put "a.txt" "a.bak" local:a.txt => remote:/dir1/a.bak psftp> put "b.txt" "b.bak" local:b.txt => remote:/dir1/b.bak psftp> mput "c.txt" "d.txt" "e.txt" local:c.txt => remote:/dir1/c.txt local:d.txt => remote:/dir1/d.txt local:e.txt => remote:/dir1/e.txt psftp> mv "x1.txt" "/dir3/x1.bak" /dir1/x1.txt -> /dir3/x1.bak psftp> mv "x2.txt" "/dir2" /dir1/x2.txt -> /dir2/x2.txt psftp> lcd d:/temp/download New local directory is d:\temp\download psftp> mget "/dir2/x2.txt" "/dir3/*.bak" "/dir1/*.*" remote:/dir2/x2.txt => local:x2.txt remote:/dir3/x1.bak => local:x1.bak remote:/dir1/a.bak => local:a.bak remote:/dir1/b.bak => local:b.bak remote:/dir1/c.txt => local:c.txt remote:/dir1/d.txt => local:d.txt remote:/dir1/e.txt => local:e.txt remote:/dir1/x3.txt => local:x3.txt psftp> rm /dir1/*.txt rm /dir1/c.txt: OK rm /dir1/d.txt: OK rm /dir1/e.txt: OK rm /dir1/x3.txt: OK psftp> rm /dir1/* rm /dir1/a.bak: OK rm /dir1/b.bak: OK psftp> rm /dir2/* rm /dir2/x2.txt: OK psftp> rm /dir3/* rm /dir3/x1.bak: OK psftp> rmdir "/dir1" "/dir2" "/dir3" rmdir /dir1: OK rmdir /dir2: OK rmdir /dir3: OK psftp> quit ### end log ###