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File: xmlSiteMaker/content/pages/about.xml

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File: xmlSiteMaker/content/pages/about.xml
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: xml content
Class: xmlSiteMaker
Offline site generator based on XML
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Date: 19 years ago
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<?xml version="1.0"?> <page-content> <p> This application for offline generation. From xml documents by xslt transformation. </p> <p> <sectionList/> </p> <section id="run" name="How to run" level="1"/> <p> To generate run script <code>generateSite.php</code> in directory <code>bin</code>. Output are stored in directory <code>output</code>. </p> <p> You can use <code>php4.0 xslt function</code> or <code>php4.3 xslt function</code> only copy file <code>XSLT.php.40</code> or <code>XSLT.php.43</code> to <code>XSLT.php</code> file. </p> <section id="dirs" name="Directory structure" level="1"/> <p> Dir structure: <pre> bin/ - script for generation content/ - content for site db-xml/ common.xml - common information about site: year, name, email news.xml - news of site, are showed on first page pages.xml - list of site's pages pages/ - directory with page's content fp.xml - first page about.xml - this page <smile/> ... xslt/ other/ pages2text.xsl - xslt for load array in PageRepository.php fp-page.xsl - xslt for first page site-page.xsl - xslt for any other page include/ - php classes output/ - here are stored generated pages </pre> </p> <section id="making" name="How to make self pages" level="1"/> <p> To make self page, you must: </p> <p> Create xml-content for page. F.e. I want to add page 'Poems': <ol> <li> add to file pages.xml (in dir 'db-xml') - <code>&lt;page id="poems" name="Poems" descr="My Poems"/&gt;</code> inside tag <code>&lt;pages&gt;</code> (in this case page will be on top) or inside any <code>&lt;page&gt;</code>. </li> <li> create <code>poems.xml</code> in dir <code>/content/pages/</code>. f.e. <source><![CDATA[ <?xml vesrion="1.0"?> <page-content> <p>This is my poem</p> </page-content> ]]></source> </li> <li>it all. Run <code>generateSite.php</code></li> <li>Next step if you want to add specific tags, f.e. <code>&lt;myTagInPoemPage/&gt;</code>: <source><![CDATA[ <?xml vesrion="1.0"?> <page-content> <p>This is my poem. <myTagInPoemPage/> </p> </page-content> ]]></source> in this case you must to write xslt-transformation for this tag in file <code>site-page.xsl</code> (content/xslt) f.e. <source><![CDATA[ <xsl:template match="myTagInPoemPage" mode="content"> <xsl:text>to be or not to be</xsl:text> </xsl:template> ]]></source> </li> <li>it all. Run <code>generateSite.php</code></li> <li>Next step (or first) - changing desing - change <code>site-page.xsl</code> and <code>fp-page.xsl</code> files.</li> <li>Next steps - you can add you specific pages classes as <code>PageFP</code>, but this is other story <smile/>... </li> </ol> </p> </page-content>