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File based database SQL engine in pure PHP
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pDB-0.37b - The PHP Database pDB is a collection of PHP Classes that implement an embeddable SQL DataBase engine. This project was started in 2002 as ´proof-of-concept´ by FloSax and BennyZaminga. pDB is currently developped and actively maintained by BennyZaminga <bzaminga__at__web__dot__de>. Advantages of pDB: - It's pure PHP ;) - No extension or external resource needed - Embedable/distributable into/with your own application or script - On small tables faster than MySQL/PostgreSQL - No socket and/or TCP/IP-overhead - Easy movable database Disadvantages of pDB: - It's interpreted cause written in PHP - Gets slow on big tables. Not yet optimized in any way ;( - Not fully SQL92 compliant - Not very scalable Additional Notes: - Please make sure your DB_ROOT/-folder is writable for Apache/PHP, else pDB will fail. - Feel free to change the location of your DB_ROOT, but do not forget to adjust the path in ´pDB.conf.php´. Recommended is to move your DB_ROOT outside your web-root, so DB-files can not be accessed directly by Apache. - pDB is currently alpha-quality software and is NOT recommended to be used in mission critical environments. - Please refer to for additional informations related to pDB. - This files provided here are only a small subset of the whole pDB-project. Feel free to contact me using the above email if you wanna get involved. - Documentation of the pDB-API is available for download at - Feel free to report bugs and send patches. Have Fun ;)