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two and five

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Subject:two and five
Summary:almost, but not quite
Date:2014-06-26 14:33:12
Update:2014-06-29 09:56:32

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Picture of Yakim Yakim - 2014-06-26 18:24:11
the tab-like navigation employed in the layout of package pages: provides no onmouseover indication whether a given item is clickable (screenshots link, view files link, reputation link) or is leads to a dead-end. Is a screenshot provided for EVERY package?

iframed offsite demos:
moderator approves... but later, code at the remote site may be swapped with malicious code (or the author's domain registration for the remote site lapses, and new owner serves referer spam)
If you cannot host demo installation of each submitted package (agree, this is risky/unwise) it is proper to link to the remote content and display a pageflip icon to indicate _target=new the link targets a new window (er, browser tab)


Click "support forum" link displayed on each package details page.
No clickable link exist (none that I see) to return from the "discussions" pages back to the package details page. THAT (support/discussion, or none) is, I think, really what should be displayed inline (or iframed) within the details page, NOT iframed "demo" content supplied by offsite servers.


While I am typing this comment, I cannot see the text of the page I'm commenting on. This is certainly not ideal.

To enter this comment, I was forced to click a "login" link... although I was/am already logged into the phpclasses site. Seems daft

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Picture of Manuel Lemos Manuel Lemos - 2014-06-26 19:21:39 - In reply to message 1 from Yakim
Yes, the clickable tabs are with a different color. They are not links because they do not lead to a new page. Anyway the clickable tab styles will be improved to make the look better like buttons, as the buttons in the download tabs.

The screenshots are provided voluntarily by the package authors. They are encouraged to send screenshots but they are not require to do it.

The matter of the demos or external links is something that cannot be controlled. The initial moderation is just to guide authors to make the demo pages integrate well visually with the site presentation.

There is no security risk if authors change the demo pages. Anyway, there will be a button for the users to report bad demo pages.

The demo pages will also have a separate link to open on a separate browser window/tab.

The forum pages always have links in the navigation bar to get back to the package page. I don't know if it could be more obvious so you can notice it better.

Forum pages cannot be displayed in iframe because they contain AdSense ads and Google does not allow their ads in iframes. I can evaluate displaying the first forum topics inside the package page though.

The title of the comment page should say: Post a new PHP Classes blog comment about the post "5 Steps to Build Perf..." Maybe you did not look at the title. I am not sure how this could be made more obvious to you.

All comments here require that you are logged in. If you were prompted to login, maybe your session expired for some reason. That is odd because by default sessions only expire after one year of the last login.

There may be something unusual with your environment. Did you try to use different browsers to login in the site?

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Picture of Manuel Lemos Manuel Lemos - 2014-06-29 09:56:32 - In reply to message 1 from Yakim
Well I just improved the tab styles so they they change the background color and the title becomes underlined when you hover them. Just let me know if this what you had in mind or you have other improvement suggestions.