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Pie Chart bug

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Subject:Pie Chart bug
Summary:The chart plot only one color
Date:2009-12-16 11:00:02

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Picture of Andy Andy - 2009-12-16 11:00:02
Hi man! I like your libchart but Pie chart don't properly runs if the values have big distances... It plot only one color.
Please fix this bug !
My compliments

See this:
<?php include "../libchart/classes/libchart.php";
$chart = new PieChart(500, 250);
$dataSet = new XYDataSet();
$dataSet->addPoint(new Point("Mozilla Firefox (80)", 80));
$dataSet->addPoint(new Point("Konqueror (75)", 75));
$dataSet->addPoint(new Point("Gaspare (50)", 50));
$dataSet->addPoint(new Point("Montee (200)", 200));
$dataSet->addPoint(new Point("Bacuc (1)", 1));

$chart->setTitle("User agents for");