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Subject:Upper And Lower Cases
Summary:Problems by searchng words with upper and lower cases
Author:Peter Reichstein
Date:2006-09-08 20:31:09


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Picture of Peter Reichstein Peter Reichstein - 2006-09-08 20:31:09
I'm very lucky with this script, but there is one question:

For Example i search for Hans, then this class gives me only records with Hans in his results (pay attention to the upper and lower cases).

Other Examples:

HANS --> Results only HANS but not Hans or hans (pay attention to the upper and lower cases).

Why it is so?

I've looked inside the class and i see only CONCAT and LIKE '%anything%' in the MySQL query.

When i search my DB's without this class, only with a simple MySQL query, like SELECT * FROM `DB` WHERE `NAME` LIKE '%HANS%' then i have results with HANS and hans and HanS, too.

Can anybody help me?

Thanks Peter