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Subject:Edit form in the GRID
Summary:Shifting the edit form to the right of the screen
Author:Vishal Subandh
Date:2008-08-14 10:43:05


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Picture of Vishal Subandh Vishal Subandh - 2008-08-14 10:43:05
Hi I am dealing with more than 40 columns to display data on the GRID. However these columns are spread on over 2 pages that the user needs to scroll to run through all the columns.

The issue is if the user has to edit a record and clicks on the edit button then the edit form opens to the left of the screen and the user has to scroll back to see the form for editing.

Is it possible to open the edit form on the right hand side so the user can view the edit form directly when he clicks on edit rather than scrolling back to the center or to the left of the screen to view the form. Please let me know what I need to do resolve the above issue?