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FTP without PHP FTP extention: I need FTP functions in a php file that I can add to my project

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FTP without PHP FTP extention


Picture of Andras Gabheg by Andras Gabheg - 4 years ago (2019-03-08)

I need FTP functions in a php file that I can add to my project

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I can't install PHP extension on a server. It runs PHP 7.0.6. I need a PHP package that I can add to my project and deploy and use from my other php files. I found many packs but they all use FTP extension.

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  • 1. Picture of Jason Olson by Jason Olson - 4 years ago (2019-03-11) Reply

    Can you help clarify you need a bit. Are you tryig to remotely copy files from a webserver to another remote webserver using FTP? That isn't necessarily a common practice. If you're deploying from say your develoment environment to a production environment many people use something like GIT repositories or just regular FTP from their development worksktation to their production servers.

    However if you want to do it pure in PHP, you might want to consider something more like deploying using an API, where your first server POSTS the files to an API on your second server which is designed to capture it -- there by avoiding FTP all together.

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