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I need a PHP class for rest download file: REST download class with error handler

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I need a PHP class for rest download file


Picture of Elton Gomez B. by Elton Gomez B. - 1 year ago (2021-12-20)

REST download class with error handler

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I need a class or PHP procedure that allows an end user to download a text file from my Web site through a REST type request.

The class should handle the request's syntactic errors and defects, and that handles attempts to obtain information about the computing environment of my Web site.

Thank you.

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PHP REST API Server: REST API server handling requests with callbacks

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Picture of Manuel Lemos by Manuel Lemos Reputation 22875 - 1 year ago (2021-12-20) Comment

Hello Elton,

You can try this generic REST API server package. It takes care of handling REST API requests.

You need to create callback functions that will generate responses to the requests.

So you create custom callback functions that will serve the files you want to download.

Can you try here to let us know if this package serves your purposes so we can learn from your evaluation of the box and help the package author make it better for you?

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